Responsive Websites

Responsive websites offer a simple and unique experience for each user that encounters your website. Whether they display your website on a mobile phone or a desktop computer all of your information will be displayed beautifully on all screen sizes. Starting with the navigation we create a menu that can include dropdowns, logos, social icons, and of course website navigation to help move the user to different pages in your website. With a uniform navigation system in place we begin the inner workings of your web pages by adding images, text, and video to a layout that creates a user friendly flow . To finish off each page a footer file is created with the already created page structure from the navigation keeping your information at the users finger tips! If you are looking for a Responsive CMS like Wordpress, Joomla, or Grav CMS we can help you become responsive on these platforms as well!

Web Development

Wheter you are looking for a simple landing page and lead generator or a complex application that combimes multiple platforms into a functioning web application, we have you covered! Using the latest platforms for our web applications we can integrate Content Management Systems, E-Mail Marketing, Customer Relations Management, Ad Servers, and E-Commerce Stores. Did we mention security is on our mind? Green Tee Design strives for the highest security in our applications to ensure users are not put at risk and can navigate your website feeling safe at all times. One way to help is by adding an HTTPS/SSL Certification to your website, adding another layer of encrypted security to keep your users information out of the wrong hands. If you are already using a web based application and would like to add or edit features we will be more than happy to consult and give a professional opinion of possible options. If you are unsure what you need, just ask!

Keyword Research

Having a beautiful website is only half of the battle in today's web driven world. Researching keywords that will lead users to your website is sometimes nerve racking, thats why we use methods sure! Each website caters to a unique audience so finding strong keywords that can accent in-page SEO will help ensure you are targeting the correct users. Along with targeting your desired audinece we create a connection between the search engine and your website that ensures all changes of your website are kept upto date on search engines helping users find posted articles, products, and associated web pages from your website without even visiting your website! Can we make it happen over night? The simple answer is no, sometimes search engines need to complete multiple scans of your website to capture changes or to find social and refferal backlinks to your website, its kind of like being a local celebrity. Ideally with stronger backlinks to your website the better odds you have of moving up in the search results, just remember hard work pays off!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

After you have completed the keyword research, optimizing each page of your website with the keywords that have been picked we begin to accent the content of your webpages. Using descriptive information related to the topic of choice or product is key in SEO and making sure users are find your website and not the competitors! Aligning your keywords and in-page SEO helps show search engines what your focus is and will help users find you based on the strategy created earlier. Along with content that is optimized for SEO, having a responsive website also helps the cause since more devices are able to access your website: and with the addition of HTTPS/SSL you have higher odds of becoming a trusted search result in search engines!

Website Analytics

One way to keep track of your websites success is to measure the users that visit your website, commonly reffered to as analytics. Analytics offer insights about who is visiting your website based on device type, location, paid or organic search, along with custom triggers that can be programmed to track your custom metrics. If you are paying for advertising analytics is a great way to measure the sucess of active campaigns and allows you to create a more user friendly website based on your audiences data. Turn users into customers by adjusting your marketing strategy from the data you receive with an analytics monitored website.

Page Speed Optimization

Content rich websites often contain videos, text, images, and other features that may cause the website to slow down or become unstable at times. By compressing images, web optmizing video, and minifying excessive files we are able to create webpages that are friendly on even the slowest of networks. Configuring other elements that are bandwith extensive along with configuring your server to handle and retain commonly used files helps the user spend more time on your website and not waiting for the page to load. With the use of responsive web design and content packed pages we are still able load webpages 85% faster using our optimization standards to create the best package available!